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Scraper Mats: Are They Right for Your Workplace?

Most businesses you visit today will probably have a least one of these visible as you enter your way through their front door; a scraper mat. Positioned at the entrance of a business, these mats are functional, professional looking, and save your floors from unnecessary mess.

So, are they necessary? We’ll get to that in a moment.

Turning to a rental service for the right scraper mat is the best place to start. Why? You will be provided with high quality mats at a minimal cost; plus, all maintenance and delivery is done by the company which means you don’t have to spend money or time having your scraper mats cleaned or replaced.

The biggest advantage of these handy mats? In placing a scraper mat outside your business, you immediately offer employees and customers an added level of safety, due to their unique design. The purpose of a scraper mat is to literally scrape off debris, snow, water, and any other dirt you may have stuck to your shoes, so none of that mess is tracked inside your workplace. We all know dirty and wet floors present hazards, and you don’t want to be liable for a slip and fall. Preventing such a mess from entering your place of business also ensures your property remains professional and clean looking; a selling feature that is important to many customers. First impressions are everything, after all!

Back to whether they are necessary. The truth is, the only way to determine whether a scraper mat is ideal for your business, is to take a moment to analyze the current condition of your floors. Do you find yourself cleaning them more than you’d like? Have you witnessed anyone falling or slipping? Does the change in season indicate the probability that mess will soon be tracked indoors? While these are a couple questions to ask yourself, below we will take a look at additional signs your business might benefit from scraper mats.

Key Indications Your Business Could Benefit from a Scraper Mat:

You’ve received negative feedback on the cleanliness of your environment.

In the event that you are receiving complaints about the cleanliness of your business space, take a close look at your floors. Keeping your workplace clean and organized requires preventative steps in addition to regular janitorial maintenance. Consider if there are solutions you take advantage of, to make cleaning more efficient. You don’t want to be faced with a situation where your business is accumulating dirt faster than you can tend to. In most cases, scraper mats will significantly reduce the amount of time.

Floors still appear dirty even after cleaning them.

It may be your entryway that is causing the problem. With every step they take, your customers or employees bring dirt with them from outside, spreading soil throughout your facility. A proper scraper mat is pretty necessary for keeping floors clean.

You keep noticing water being tracked indoors, especially at your front entrance.

When people walk into your business, their shoes carry not only dirt, but water as well. Wet floors cause safety concerns both for your employees and your customers. Due to a lack of traction between their shoes and the wet floor, individuals can slip and fall, potentially injuring themselves.

Floors are beginning to look damaged.

The above two factors do not only affect the aesthetics of your business and its safety in the short-term, but also affect it long term. Water sitting too long on your floor’s surface along with improper floor maintenance may eventually cause your floor to warp and become damaged. The result is an unattractive business that looks poorly maintained, poses a trip and fall risk to customers, and costs a lot in flooring replacements.

Why Rent Scraper Mats with Wagg’s?

It is important to remember that slips and falls are among the most common injuries in commercial spaces. It only takes a second for someone to slip on a wet floor and be injured. You can however reduce these risks by placing scraper mats at the entrance or inside of your business. As mentioned above, you will prevent the tracking of mud, moisture, and other contaminants; all of which create an unsafe and unpleasant looking work environment.

At Wagg’s our mats are made from durable 100% nitrile rubber, include drainable borders that filter water off the mat, and are designed with molded tread surface cleats, which effectively scrape tough dirt and grime off shoes prior to entering your business.

At the end of the day, scraper mats are the right choice for any type of workplace; especially those struggling to maintain the cleanliness of their floors. With winter upon us, this becomes a common concern.

Protect your floors, staff, and customers by considering turning to scraper mats. It really is a perfect outdoor mat for that “first step”. Available in multiple sizes, contact us today to discuss with us your needs and how you can easily take advantage of our mat rental service program.


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