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Advantages of Anti-Fatigue Mats in the Workplace

Many businesses require their employees to stand for longer periods of time, which can be very uncomfortable and cause physical fatigue.  Anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide a cushioned surface that helps relieve leg and back stress.  In fact, study after study shows the advantages of anti-fatigue mats on employee health.

When staff are injured or require time off due to physical stress on the body, your business may take a hit financially for this lost time. Interestingly enough, the use of ergonomic mating has proven economic advantages for business owners because safety measures are improved significantly when these mats are used, thus limiting the number of injuries reported. And then there’s productivity levels. We all know that a happy worker is a productive one, and if your staff are uncomfortable on their feet you can bet this will affect their overall job performance.  Ensuring you provide mats that feature the durability and anti-fatigue properties needed for employees to perform their job comfortably, benefits your bottom line in the end.

With that said, if you’re still unsure as to whether anti-fatigue mats would be fitting for your workplace, here is a closer look at why these anti-fatigue mats are so widely used.

Why Consider Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Commercial or Industrial Setting?

Reduce Fatigue and Improve Health

Standing for long periods of time can have adverse health effects on a person. There are many cases in which commercial and industrial environments require employees to stand for prolonged periods of time.

Continuous standing can lead to a variety of health problems including varicose veins, poor blood circulation in the feet and legs, swelling in the legs, foot problems, joint pain, circulatory and heart problems, and pregnancy complications. Fortunately, you can avoid all this by opting to use anti-fatigue mats within your workplace. Featuring a cushiony filling covered with a rubber backing, the mat provides buoyancy and therefore absorbs tension from the leg muscles and joints of the person standing.

Research indicates that standing on a quality mat at work can reduce fatigue by 50%.

Increase Productivity Levels and Save Money

As mentioned earlier, without the undue stress and health complications caused by long standing hours in your place of business, you can expect a more motivated and happy workforce, with anti-fatigue mats. Healthy employees have higher productivity levels. When they don’t have to take leaves or spend time at home because of injuries, they are more likely to work with passion and focus. This results in significant growth of the business.

A business can actually save money with the use of anti-fatigue mats because the risk of accidents, sick days, and injuries will be reduced dramatically. These mats are not only designed to keep your employees comfortable, they are designed to stay put in one place, eliminating unwanted sliding which of course can lead to slip and fall accidents.

How to Choose the Right Anti-Fatigue Mat for Your Commercial Business

Various types of mats are marketed as anti-fatigue mats. Before purchasing one, consider these factors:

  • Determine why you are considering the mat in the first place. Why? Anti-slip or other mats are not always the same as anti-fatigue mats. Based on the working conditions and environment your staff are in, decide what features are important to you and therefore what type of mat will match your needs.
  • Have a look to see how thick the mat is. While you may immediately think that thicker means better, it’s not always the case. Look for a mat that offers a level of elasticity without being “too” soft that it becomes awkward to stand on for long periods of time.
  • Be sure the mat you are considering will not create tripping or slipping hazards. It should be durable and stationary to prevent sliding.
  • A quality and effective mat should be designed with sloped edges. This style of mat offers increased safety and protection from flips and falls.
  • Mats should remain clean at all times for health and safety purposes. This is particularly important in restaurant settings where food is being prepared.

At Wagg’s, we provide a variety of floor mats for commercial businesses, including anti-fatigue mats. These quality mats are available to rent and can be replaced on a regular basis for professionally clean ones. Through our mat rental services, you can rest assured that your business will always remain equipped with the necessary mats it needs, protecting your floors and most importantly the well-being of your employees.

What Can You Expect with Wagg’s Anti-Fatigue Mats

Our mats are made from durable 100% nitrile rubber for superior oil and grease resistance and are launderable. These mats are treated specifically to resist odours and they come with anti-static properties which allow them to be used around sensitive electronic equipment. You can rest assured that the design of our mats provides superior anti-fatigue properties for the highest level of comfort.  We recommend renting our anti-fatigue mats for kitchen and industrial areas.

Reach out to our team for additional details on our mat rental services or for more information regarding our variety of mats for your workplace.


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