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Getting Your Office Ready For The Winter With Proper Floor Mats

As the snow starts to pile up and winter is almost here, here comes the mess that comes along with it. There is nothing worse than walking into your office and seeing the watery mess by the front door or, worse, having someone slip on the wet floors.

One of the best solutions to solve your front door problem is to get a floor mat that will help protect your floors, scrap off the mess of snow, and help keep your floors clean. Let’s explore all the options available for floor mats and the benefits of getting one for your office.

Different Types Of Floor Mats

Every floor mat company has different types of mats available so let’s go through the types of mats that Waggs has to offer that would be perfect for the winter season.

Entrance Mats: These mats are constructed of static dissipating nylon yarn, and the back is made with 100% Nitrile rubber, which reduces slippage and skidding. They are also washable, so you can easily keep them clean. The dyed nylon yarn is also made to help reduce salt, sand, dirt, and dust coming into your office—ideal for covering your front door.

Scraper Mats: These types of mats are often used for putting them outside of your office door, so customers and employees can scrap off their boots or shoes before entering the buildings. They are made out of 100% durable Nitrile rubber, which means it is grease resistant, and molded with treads to scrap all that grime and snow off their shoes.

Custom Logo Mats: Lastly, if you are looking for something unique to put by your front door, the custom logo mat is perfect as you can get one of the entrance style mats with your company logo and use your company colours. It is made from static dissipative nylon yarn treated with Stain-Stopper technology, and it is backed with a 100% Nitrile rubber that makes it slip and skid resistant.

Benefits Of Using Floor Mats

Helps Keeps Your Office Clean

By keeping a mat by your front door to your office, workers and clients can use them to get off all the dirt and snow on the mat instead of tracking it inside the office, creating a wet or dirty mess.

Protect Your Floors

The mats also protect your floors since they act as a buffer and create a cushion when placed in areas that are constantly used, and since you will no longer be tracking in water and dirt, it won’t cause your floors to break down


Having a wet floor can be a safety issue as anyone can fall due to a slippery floor. Providing a place for your customers and workers to dry off their boots, like using a matt, can help prevent accidents.

Floor Mat Company Rentals

It has become increasingly popular to rent your office mats from a floor mat company to come and collect your mats, clean them, and provide you with fresh ones. That way, you always have a clean mat in your office and don’t have to worry about cleaning them yourself.



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