Wagg’s takes immense pride in offering high-quality gowns specially designed for the healthcare industry. Recognizing the critical need for safety and comfort, our products include essential gowns that cater to different scenarios within healthcare settings. With a focus on Isolation Gowns and Patient Gowns, each type is meticulously designed to ensure those in the healthcare sector, from professionals to patients. Our commitment is to provide products that meet and exceed the requirements of everyday healthcare environments.

Isolation Gowns

Key Features of Isolation Gowns

Our Isolation Gowns are designed with the safety and comfort of healthcare professionals in mind. Made from a 99/1 Poly/Carbon blend, these gowns are comfortable and provide Level 2 Fluid Resistance. They are durable and dependable, providing a barrier against fluids and other contaminants.

• 99/1 Poly/Carbon

• Level 2 Fluid Resistant

Key Features of Patient Gowns

Designed with the patient’s comfort, the Patient Gowns from Wagg’s feature a soft 65/35 Poly/Cotton blend, ensuring a gentle touch on the skin with the durability needed for regular use. The gowns come equipped with fabric ties at the back and neck, allowing for easy adjustments to fit various body types securely and comfortably.

• 65/35 Poly/Cotton

• Fabric ties at back and neck

• Available in petrol blue

Patient Gowns1
Three people wearing medical gowns

Ideal Industry Applications

Wagg’s gowns are perfect for various settings within the healthcare industry. Hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories, and nursing homes find our gowns ideal for their environments. These facilities rely on our products for their durability, comfort, and protective qualities, ensuring that both healthcare workers and patients are safe and comfortable during their interactions. Whether it’s for routine check-ups, surgical procedures, or patient care, our gowns stand up to the demands of busy healthcare settings.

Understanding Our Uniform Rental Services

At Wagg’s, our uniform rental service is designed to simplify your life. We offer a flexible and hassle-free way for you to have high-quality gowns for your healthcare facility without the burden of purchasing or laundering them yourself. This means you get regularly scheduled deliveries of clean and professionally maintained gowns, ensuring your staff and patients always have what they need.

Our service includes the collection of used gowns, thorough washing and sanitizing, followed by delivery right back to your door. This saves you time and effort and also ensures compliance with health standards, as our laundering process meets industry guidelines for hygiene and safety. Choose our rental service for a straightforward solution that keeps your focus on providing excellent healthcare.



No upfront costs

We can supply uniforms without upfront costs


Flexible schedule

We schedule regular services to suit your needs

Peace of mind

Routinely cleaned uniforms reduce spread of harmful bacteria

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Gowns and Rental Services

Our rental service is flexible and can be scheduled for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries based on your facility’s needs and the volume of gowns required.

We strive to accommodate the needs of all healthcare facilities, large or small. Please contact us directly to discuss how we can best serve your specific requirements, including any minimum order queries.

Absolutely! We understand the varied needs of healthcare facilities and offer customizable rental plans that can include any combination of our high-quality gowns to meet your specific demands.

Our rental service includes regular quality checks of gowns for any signs of wear and tear. Damaged or worn-out gowns are automatically replaced at no extra cost to ensure your staff and patients always have access to top-quality garments.

Contact us today to experience the best service in the industry!


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