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Wagg’s offers a wide selection of cleaning products and detergents

Wagg's all purpose cleaner, 4 litres

All Purpose Cleaner

Hospital grade disinfectant detergent and deodorizer.
3D All Purpose Cleaner 4L

Wagg's glass and mirror cleaner, 4 litres

Glass & Mirror Cleaner 4L

Ready to use glass cleaner-brightens and cleans windows, mirrors and hard surfaces
Wagg's envirogize heavy duty degreaser, 4 litres

Envirogize Heavy Duty Degreaser

All purpose cleaner/degreaser, free rinsing, non-flammable. 4L

Wagg's OxyBleach, 1 Litre

OxyBleach 1L

Oxygen activated cleaner for removing mold and stains on all surfaces. It penetrates and oxydizes organic soils and stains on walls, concrete floors, tile floors and grout. It is non-hazardous to people.

veto-bac ready to use sanitizer, disinfectant virucide, mildewstat


Ready to use sanitizer & disinfectant. This product deodorizes and sanitizes areas which are hard to keep fresh smelling. 4 x 4L

Low-temp sanitizer, cleans, disinfects, bleaches

Low Temp Sanitizer

Wagg’s Sanitizer is a specially formulated formula for general sanitization, disinfecting and bleaching. 20L

Automatic dish detergent, emollient enriched, biodegradable

Auto Dish Detergent

Specially formulated for use in low and high temp automatic dishwashers; non-foaming, free-rinsing.
Biozyme drain maintainer, maintains free flowing drainage

Biozyme Drain Maintainer

Highly active non-acid, non-alkaline enzyme treatment that works immediately to maintain grease traps, drains, sewage treatment plants. 4 x 4L
Descaler lime and scale remover

Descaler (delimer)

Liquid all purpose acid descaling solution fromulated using safe acids to allow maximum effectiveness on satinless stell and glass surfaces.
4 x 4L

Forward enzyme activated laundry detergent


High quality liquid enzyme detergent for on-premise-laundries; it is very efective in removing insoluble soil and protein-based soils.
20L Pail

Dishwasher rinse, non-flammable, non-corrosive, biodegradable, phosphate free

Dishwasher Rinse

Specially formulated rinse additive designed for use with automatic injection systems in Restaurants and Bars.
4 x 4L or 20L

Manual dish, pot and pan detergent

Manual Dish Pot & Pan Detergent

Specially formulated concentrate for use as a hard water detergent; it is mild and gentle to the skin yet provides rich, foaming suds even in hard water. 4 x 4L

Oven & Grill Cleaner, powerful, quick action, non-flammable, odourless

Oven Grill Cleaner

Easy to use liquid specially formulated for the removal of unsightly, unsanitary and flammable grease, carbon deposits, baked on food and cooking stains.
4 x 4L

PreSoak powdered silverware soak


Powder presoak designed for both stainless steel and silverware.
10 KG

Bleach concentrated hypochlorite

Bleach (12%)

High strength bleach for on-premise-laundries; it is used on all types of fabrics and soil classifications.

Builder heavy duty laundry alkali

Builder (Alkali)

High quality alkali for on-premise-laundries; it provides alkalinity and promotes detergency on all soil classifications. It is specially formulated to provide optimum results with our detergent,
20 L Pail

Neutralizer sour liquid laundry neutralizer

Neutralizer Sour

Free flowing liquid neutralizer which is used in the final rinse cycle to lower the fabric PH. Neutralizer also has unique iron removing ingredients to prevent soaking and rewashes.
20 L

Softner liquid laundry softener


High quality softener for on-premise-laundries which is automatically injected into the final rinse cycle. It leaves a fresh, clean fragrance while promoting easier ironing, a lint free fabric and also reduces static electricity. 20 L Pail

Sour-soft a laundry softener blend


High quality combination liquid blend product that is automatically injected into the washer. It is designed for any fabric for on-premise-laundries. It leaves a fresh, clean fragrance and promotes easier ironing, a lint free fabric and reduces static electricity.
20 L

Suds heavy duty laundry detergent


Highly effective blend of surfactants and detergents formulated for use in on-premise-laundries. Suds contains excellent soil suspension ingredients to prevent anti-redepostion; it works effectively in all soil classifications and water conditions.
20 L


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