Lab, Dental and Counter Coats

Experience exceptional quality and comfort with our range of lab, dental, and counter coats, meticulously designed for professionals in the healthcare industry. Whether you are performing laboratory research, engaging with patients in a dental setting, or managing front-counter duties, our coats are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of your profession. We understand the importance of durability, functionality, and hygiene in healthcare attire, which is why our rental services offer a seamless solution to keep your team looking professional, all without the hassle of maintenance.

Key Features of Lab, Dental and Counter Coats

Our lab, dental, and counter coats are crafted from high-quality, breathable, and durable materials. They come in various sizes, ensuring that each member of your team receives a perfect fit. Our coats are designed with functionality in mind, featuring pockets for easy storage of essential tools and equipment.

Lab Coats

• Sizes: XS – 5XL
• Available in white and blue

Dental Coats
• Sizes: XS – 3XL
• Available in white

Counter Coats
• Sizes: XS – 5XL
• Available in white

Six people wearing lab, dental and counter coats

Ideal Industry Applications

The lab, dental, and counter coats we offer are perfect for a wide range of environments within the healthcare industry. They are especially suited for laboratories, dental clinics, and healthcare facilities that require their staff to present a professional appearance while ensuring their clothing is practical and meets hygiene standards. These coats are designed to withstand frequent washings, making them a durable choice for daily use. Whether you’re conducting experiments, treating patients, or assisting visitors, these coats provide the protection and functionality needed for your work.

Understanding Our Uniform Rental Services

At Wagg’s, we make uniform rental simple and stress-free. Our service is designed to ensure your team always has clean, professional-looking coats without the need for your facility to manage laundry or replacements. When you sign up for our rental service, we work closely with you to determine the exact needs of your team. This means matching the right sizes and styles to each member and setting up a schedule for regular pickup and delivery of freshly laundered uniforms.

We know that healthcare professionals have more important things to focus on than worrying about their uniforms. That’s why we handle everything from the initial setup to regular cleaning and maintenance. If a coat gets damaged or a team member’s size changes, we promptly provide replacements. Our goal is to keep your team looking their best, so you can concentrate on providing top-notch care to your patients.



No upfront costs

We can supply uniforms without upfront costs


Flexible schedule

We schedule regular services to suit your needs

Peace of mind

Routinely cleaned uniforms reduce spread of harmful bacteria

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lab, Dental and Counter Coats and Rental Services

Signing up is easy! Simply contact our customer service team, and they will guide you through the process, helping you select the perfect options for your needs and setting up your delivery schedule.

If a coat becomes damaged or a team member’s size changes, contact us immediately. We will replace the coat at no additional charge as part of our commitment to keeping your team looking professional.

Our standard cleaning schedule ensures that each coat is professionally laundered and inspected for quality before being returned. The frequency of cleaning and replacement depends on your specific needs, which we will discuss when setting up your service.

Our laundering process adheres to strict hygiene and cleanliness standards, using industry-approved methods to ensure that each coat is sanitized and ready for use. We take pride in contributing to the safety and professionalism of healthcare environments.

Yes, we offer custom embroidery services to add your facility’s logo or branding to the coats. Contact us for more information on customization options and pricing.

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