Hi-Visibility Shirts And Pants

Ensuring your team’s safety and visibility on the job is paramount, especially in the automotive, manufacturing, and industrial sectors where the environment demands it. Our hi-visibility shirts and pants are designed to meet these challenges head-on, offering safety apparel that doesn’t compromise on comfort or durability. Wagg’s is committed to providing high-quality uniform rentals that cater to the specific needs of these industries, making sure your workforce is protected and looks professional at all times.

Key Features of Our Hi-Visibility Shirts And Pants

Our Hi-Visibility Shirts and Pants are equipped with bright two-tone 3M reflective stripes, making them highly visible in both day and night working conditions. We offer these essential safety garments in two different colours. Additionally, understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we provide a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for all members of your team. This combination of visibility, choice, and comfort makes our hi-visibility apparel a top choice for those in the automotive, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.

• Available in navy and orange

• Sizes: Small 5XL Regular and Tall

Supervisor with construction hard hat and high visibility shirt on a white background. Men with reflective high visibility orange shirt or work wear for highly visible from all directions in work environment for trade jobs or out door employees.

Ideal Industry Applications

The right safety gear is crucial for jobs in fields like construction, road work, and any industries where visibility is key to safety. The Hi-Visibility Shirts and Pants from Wagg’s are made to be seen in all kinds of light, helping to lower the risk of accidents and keep your team safe while they work. These outfits are not just bright; they’re also comfortable and built to last, making them great for anyone who needs to be visible and safe on the job.

Understanding Our Uniform Rental Services

Wagg’s offers a comprehensive uniform rental service designed to meet the specific needs of various industries beyond just the Hi-Visibility Shirts and Pants. This includes a wide range of workwear from shop coats for the automotive sector to specialized uniforms for the healthcare industry. Each piece of clothing is chosen for its durability, comfort, and suitability to the unique demands of your workplace. Our service ensures that your team always has access to clean, professional, and appropriate attire without the hassle of managing it in-house.

Our process is straightforward and customer-focused. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, provide recommendations based on our vast experience, and set up a rental plan that fits your schedule and budget. Whether your team needs uniforms on a weekly or monthly basis, we handle the logistics of cleaning and delivering the uniforms so your focus remains on running your business. This approach saves you time, resources and contributes to a positive and professional company image.



No upfront costs

We can supply uniforms without upfront costs


Flexible schedule

We schedule regular services to suit your needs

Peace of mind

Routinely cleaned uniforms reduce spread of harmful bacteria

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hi-Visibility Shirts And Pants and Rental Services

Absolutely! We understand the importance of brand identity, and we offer customization services, including logo embroidery, to make your team stand out and reflect your company’s brand professionally.

Our uniform rental service is flexible to match your needs. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning and delivery schedules. We can also work with you to create a custom schedule that fits your business operations.

Yes, our Hi-Visibility apparel meets all the necessary safety standards required in the Automotive, Manufacturing, and Industrial sectors. Ensuring your team’s safety is our top priority, and our products are designed to meet or exceed industry requirements.

Wear and tear are to be expected. Our rental service includes regular maintenance checks and repair or replacement of any damaged items. This ensures your team always has access to high-quality, safe, and professional-looking uniforms.

We pride ourselves on our flexible and responsive service. Depending on your location and our current stock levels, we can often meet urgent requests within a short timeframe. It’s best to get in touch with us directly to address any immediate needs, and we will do our best to accommodate.

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