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Maintaining a clean and safe entrance is crucial for any business or organization. It creates a positive impression for visitors right at the start, while also preventing slips, trips, and falls that can occur due to wet floors or debris. At Wagg’s, we understand this need and offer a solution in the form of our high-quality scraper mats. Built to last and perform, these mats effectively remove dirt and moisture from shoes, stopping them from being carried into your indoor spaces. This helps to keep your areas clean and safe, contributing to an overall better environment.

Features of Wagg's Scraper Mats

Our scraper mats are made from 100% Nitrile rubber, which is known for being extremely durable and resistant to grease. These mats have specially molded tread surfaces that effectively remove tough dirt and grime from shoes, ensuring that the first step into your space is clean. The mats also have a unique border that allows water to drain off, keeping them dry and safe. Available in several sizes, these launderable mats are an excellent choice for outdoor use, setting the tone for a clean and safe environment right from the start.

• Sizes: 3×5, 4×6, 3×10

A person walking through a door and stepping on a scraper mat.

Why You Should Use Scraper Mats

Utilizing scraper mats in your entryway provides a multitude of benefits. Their primary function is to prevent dirt and moisture from entering your premises, maintaining cleanliness and reducing the frequency of cleaning and maintenance tasks. A clean space not only projects professionalism but also contributes significantly to preserving the integrity of your flooring, extending its lifespan.

Moreover, the safety factor cannot be overlooked. Wet and dirty floors are often a slip hazard. By effectively scraping off and trapping dirt and moisture, scraper mats minimize the risk of accidents, ensuring a safe environment for both employees and visitors. This proactive approach to safety can also potentially reduce liability in the event of a slip-and-fall accident on the property.

A person standing on a scraper mat.

Where to Put Your Scraper Mats

Scraper mats should be placed at every entrance to your building. This includes both main and secondary entrances, as well as access points from garages or other connected buildings. These mats serve as the first line of defense against dirt and debris, catching these elements before they have a chance to infiltrate your space. Additionally, consider placing these mats in high-traffic areas or where messes frequently occur, such as near vending machines, water coolers, or cafeteria entrances. By strategically positioning your scraper mats, you can significantly enhance the cleanliness and safety of your environment.

Understanding Our Mat Rental Services

At Wagg’s, our mat rental service is designed to be user-friendly and flexible, meeting the specific needs of every client. Our team is committed to providing impeccable service, delivering and retrieving mats at regular intervals, and ensuring your spaces always have clean, effective mats in place. This hassle-free service eliminates the need for in-house mat maintenance and provides a consistently safe and clean environment at your doorstep.

We understand that each business is unique and may have different requirements. Therefore, we accommodate a variety of rental frequencies – weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Our mat rental service ensures you never have to worry about purchasing, cleaning, or replacing mats. Let our professionals handle these tasks, freeing you to focus on what matters most – your business.


No upfront inventory costs

We can supply your building with clean mats without upfront costs


Flexible schedule

We schedule regular services to suit your needs

Fresh, clean mats

We change out your mats so you can enjoy clean floors in your building

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Entrance Mats and Rental Services

Wagg’s scraper mats are available in three sizes: 3×5, 4×6, and 3×10.

Yes, our scraper mats are designed for outdoor use but can also be used indoors. Their exceptional dirt, moisture and grease removal abilities make them an excellent choice for any environment.

The scraper mats are made from 100% Nitrile rubber, known for its durability and resistance to grease.

Wagg’s mat rental service is flexible according to your needs. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly rental frequencies.

Our mat rental service includes routine maintenance and replacement of damaged mats. You won’t have to worry about repairs or replacements; we handle it all.

Our mat rental service includes delivery and retrieval of mats at regular intervals, ensuring your spaces always have clean, effective mats in place. The service also includes cleaning, maintenance, and replacement of damaged mats.

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