The Importance of Uniforms In The Workplace

It’s no secret that uniforms have been a staple in certain workplaces for years. Restaurants and healthcare workers are two prime examples of industries that rely heavily on uniforms. But what about other types of businesses? Can uniforms be valuable there too? Absolutely! In this blog post, we’ll take a

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Why Your Business Should Consider Entrance Mats

When you walk into a business, the first thing you usually see is a mat. This is no coincidence; entrance mats are an essential part of any business. They provide a number of advantages, from keeping your employees and clients safe to improve your company’s image. If you’re on the

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Top 4 Benefits of Linen Scheduling Services

Many businesses use linens, and once they’ve been used, they need to be cleaned and handled properly in order to ensure that they maintain their best appearance for your business. Doing it yourself can be stressful at times, making sure they are always cleaned and maintained when needed. Instead of

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Wagg’s Acquires Grainger Uniform Rental

Wagg’s Ltd., Orillia, ON., recently announced that they have acquired Grainger Uniform Rental, from Peterborough, ON. Grainger Uniform Rental was family owned and operated, proudly serving Peterborough and the surrounding Kawartha area. Wagg’s Ltd. has a well-established company culture and values that align with the Grainger family. They have an

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How To Keep Your Offices Clean With Rental Services

One of the most important things to keep in mind when running a business is how you keep your office clean. Cleaning up can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive when done manually, but rental services like uniforms, floor mats, wet & dust mops and linens can help. Whether you’re in

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Is It Better To Rent Or Buy Employee Uniforms?

Uniforms are an integral part of any business, as they help unify your employees and give them a sense of pride in their jobs. It’s also a way to promote your brand and allow your customers to identify your workers easily. Uniforms also help protect your employees from harmful things

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Scraper Mats: Are They Right for Your Workplace?

Most businesses you visit today will probably have a least one of these visible as you enter your way through their front door; a scraper mat. Positioned at the entrance of a business, these mats are functional, professional looking, and save your floors from unnecessary mess. So, are they necessary?

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Advantages of Anti-Fatigue Mats in the Workplace

Many businesses require their employees to stand for longer periods of time, which can be very uncomfortable and cause physical fatigue.  Anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide a cushioned surface that helps relieve leg and back stress.  In fact, study after study shows the advantages of anti-fatigue mats on employee

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