Advantages of Anti-Fatigue Mats in the Workplace

Many businesses require their employees to stand for longer periods of time, which can be very uncomfortable and cause physical fatigue.  Anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide a cushioned surface that helps relieve leg and back stress.  In fact, study after study shows the advantages of anti-fatigue mats on employee

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A School’s Growing Need for Hand Hygiene

Keeping hands clean in a commercial facility of any type, from a school to a hospital, long-term care home to a shopping mall, is paramount to the prevention of illness. In the wake of COVID-19, it is apparent just how important it is to have commercial hand hygiene solutions in

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3 Surprising Benefits of a Floor Mat Cleaning Service

The point of a floor mat is to not be noticed, and at that, they’re very good. You’ve probably walked across at least three different floor mats just today without even realizing it. It’s when the floor mats aren’t there that you – and your customers – notice a difference.

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4 Advantages of Restaurant Uniform Rentals

If you manage a restaurant, then you know just how crucial it is to make a good impression on guests. When customers come into your restaurant, they expect your employees to look clean and professional and that is especially important for any employees who prepare food in the kitchen, and

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