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4 Advantages of Restaurant Uniform Rentals

If you manage a restaurant, then you know just how crucial it is to make a good impression on guests. When customers come into your restaurant, they expect your employees to look clean and professional and that is especially important for any employees who prepare food in the kitchen, and of course, those that serve it.

Most restaurant uniforms are made out of heavy-duty fabrics that can withstand years of wear and tear. When cohesive uniforms are worn among restaurant staff, it clearly communicates to guests who the team members are that represent the establishment and creates a welcoming atmosphere that will make customers want to return again.

Chefs, line cooks, butchers, bartenders, and waiters all require an assortment of clothing items–including aprons, pants, pillbox caps, and coats–that need to look clean and well-maintained at all times. The best way to ensure that your employees always look presentable is by opting for sleek, high-quality restaurant uniforms.

Due to the costs involved with purchasing uniforms and the ongoing care required to maintain their cleanliness, many restaurant owners are instead turning to rental options; a cost-effective and convenient alternative that offers several benefits you may not have considered.


Why Rent Over Purchase?

Let’s take a look at 4 key advantages of renting restaurant uniforms:

Employees Will Be Well-Prepared

It’s a common occurrence in the hospitality industry; employees arrive for their shift only to realize they left their uniform at home. When you choose a rental program for your restaurant uniforms, this worry goes out the window because you have reliable delivery services to keep your restaurant staff fully prepared. In fact, fresh garments will be waiting for your employees upon their arrival. You’ll also see a reduction in costs as you won’t have to deal with uniform purchases, replacement costs should a garment be damaged by a spill or burn, or in some cases, laundering costs.

Achieve a Sleek and Professional Appearance

Adding to the point above, with uniform rentals you can rest assured that all employee uniforms will be up to your standards, as a restaurant owner. While everyone is used to doing personal laundry at home, it’s easy to put it off or forget about it altogether, which may mean showing up for a shift only to realize there’s a large stain on your apron. Not only that, employee uniforms receive a lot of wear and tear throughout the day including hard-to-remove-stains and discoloration.

Commercial laundry services will clean these materials more thoroughly as they are designed to combat these issues.  Eliminate the need to rely on your employees for fresh uniforms; consider rental services. By providing your employees with expertly laundered uniforms, you can be sure that your kitchen staff will always look clean, professional, and ready to wow your customers.

Save Significant Time and Hassle

As a restaurant owner, you know time is extremely valuable; you don’t want to be using it on unnecessary tasks like managing, fitting, and laundering uniforms. Every moment spent on uniform maintenance takes away from important business matters that require your full attention. Free up these important hours and redirect your efforts on other areas of your business such as restaurant improvements that will improve your bottom line, not take away from it.

It’s Not Only a Convenient Solution, It’s a Hygienic One

Uniforms that aren’t cleaned regularly can quickly harbour germs and bacteria, all of which could lead to cross-contamination. Harmful bacteria can quickly transfer to food and counter surfaces in your restaurant, potentially contaminating food which is a huge concern for every restaurant owner.

Turning to a professional rental company that also offers laundry services ensures your restaurant uniforms are routinely swapped out for fresh sets, maintaining food safety and preventing such dangerous substances from spreading. Protect your staff and those dining with easy restaurant uniform rentals.


Wagg’s LTD. is Your #1 Source for Restaurant Uniforms

With Wagg’s, you can enjoy the advantages of renting your restaurant uniforms rather than purchasing them. Established in 1902, we are a locally owned family business, dedicated to building strong customer relationships and delivering quality products and services to our customers.

When you choose to work with the Wagg’s team for your uniform rentals, you can rest assured you’ll receive nothing but top-notch service delivered by an enthusiastic team. All uniform deliveries and laundry services can be scheduled according to your unique needs.

Save time and money while you maintain a healthy and safe working environment for your restaurant. Call Wagg’s today to get started at 800-267-9244.


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