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3 Surprising Benefits of a Floor Mat Cleaning Service

The point of a floor mat is to not be noticed, and at that, they’re very good. You’ve probably walked across at least three different floor mats just today without even realizing it. It’s when the floor mats aren’t there that you – and your customers – notice a difference.

The benefits of a floor mat cleaning service start right from the moment you pick up the phone to order them. Companies like Wagg’s include services like general maintenance, which might include sweeping and mopping services to the entire premises, and specific floor care and maintenance services that include the use of floor mats for restaurants.

This latter type of service has several benefits, and it’s what we’ll be discussing today. Apart from being a hassle-free way of keeping the floor clean, it also helps restaurants cut back on operational expenses since it can do almost everything that would otherwise require the time and effort of in-house employees.

1. Mat rental services leave more money in your pocket.

The first benefit is the money saved. Using a floor mat rental service is significantly cheaper than employing full-time cleaners. Not only are the fees for rental much lower than buying and maintaining, but using floor coverings for cleaning can reduce the overall cleaning cost of the restaurant significantly since it doesn’t involve hiring separate staff for the job.

Instead, your employees can focus on your customers and on providing the best experience possible, which means that while you’re saving money on your mats, you’re actively making additional money – and what’s not to like about that?

2. Make a stunning first impression on your customers.

Customers expect you, as a business, to keep your best foot forward at all times – and that extends to your floor mats. When a customer walks in, your floors should look clean and well maintained. It is therefore important for restaurant owners to actively maintain the cleanliness of their flooring. One way to achieve this is to hire a floor-cleaning service or mat rental company to do the job.

With floor mats, you can ensure that floor cleaning is done at least twice a week so that the floor remains looking and feeling fresh underfoot. Floor mats help keep your environment clean and free of debris that may have accumulated over time due to customer traffic or other factors. Want to bump up the wow factor by one more level? Ask for your floor mats to be customized with your brand or a chosen welcome message.

3. Keep the health inspector happy.

Keeping mats clean also means keeping the restaurant floor dry from water, which can cause spots and damage to the floor. However, it’s what you don’t see that makes the biggest difference.

High traffic areas need floor mats to protect carpets from wear and tear and to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the building. They collect much more dust and muck than you can see with the naked eye. The fibres help trap the dirt in place, which means it doesn’t get tracked throughout your place of business.

For day-to-day operations, this means that your staff will likely enjoy easier cleanup at the end of their shift. Overall, it can mean a staggering reduction in the amount of cleaning that has to be done in the dining or kitchen areas and allow the establishment to remain more sanitary right from the get-go.

Convenient & Flexible Rental Mat Services from Wagg’s

Spare yourself the dirty work of mat cleaning with scheduled mat rental services from Wagg’s. You won’t have to shell out any money for upfront inventory, allowing you to continue prioritizing other expenses for your company.

The schedule’s customizable, too – it doesn’t matter whether you choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service. What matters is how often you need your mats cleaned. Do you have two sale days on the first Tuesday and the third Thursday of every month? We’ll be there on the days after to clear out the dirty mats and replace them with fresh new ones. In less than fifteen minutes, you’ll have clean mats, and you’ll be able to carry on with the rest of your day uninterrupted.

With a history stretching back 119 years, Wagg’s has built our name around reliability and excellent service. Plan ahead for the muddy season and get in contact with us today. If you’d like more information about our floor mat rentals or cleaning services, give us a call at 800-267-9244. You can also request a customized service quote online.


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