Discover a hassle-free solution to all your rental needs in Durham with Wagg’s. Catering to businesses of all sizes, our comprehensive range of services includes linen, uniforms, floor mats, and wet and dry mops. Our dedicated team will deliver fresh, clean products right to your doorstep while picking up soiled ones for our top-notch laundry services. Plus, we offer maintenance and repairs whenever required, ensuring you can focus on running your business without the added stress of managing supplies. Experience unparalleled quality and impeccably maintained products with Wagg’s, and watch your business thrive.

Why Choose Wagg's?

As a Canadian family-owned business since 1902, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With five generations of expertise in providing top-notch mats, linen, and uniforms, we’ve built lasting relationships with our loyal customers and employees. Our mission at Wagg’s is to create cleaner and safer workplaces for businesses across Ontario, and we achieve this by delivering exceptional products and services tailored to your needs. By choosing Wagg’s, you’ll benefit from our extensive experience, community-minded approach, and the personalized care that only a family-operated business can offer.

Mat Rental Services in Durham

Maintaining a clean and safe environment for your business is crucial, and Wagg’s is here to help with our scheduled floor mat rental services. Our expert team will work closely with you to develop a customized plan that ensures you always have clean floor mats that helps control dust and moisture in your building. We take on the responsibility of cleaning, replacing, and maintaining your mats regularly so you can concentrate on your core business operations. With Wagg’s handling your floor mat needs, you can enjoy a more efficient, cost-effective, and hassle-free solution to keeping your Durham workspace pristine.

Uniform Rental Services in Durham

Project a professional image and enhance your brand with Wagg's exceptional scheduled uniform rental services. We take the stress out of maintaining uniforms by providing regular pick-up, cleaning, and delivery services tailored to your needs. Our experienced team ensures that your employees' uniforms remain in pristine condition, reflecting your company's commitment to quality and excellence. In addition to our top-notch cleaning services, we also offer repairs or replacements for stained or damaged clothing at no extra cost. Trust Wagg's with your uniform needs and enjoy peace of mind as you focus on what matters most: growing your business in Durham.

Linen Rental Services in Durham

Elevate your business and impress your customers with Wagg's top-notch scheduled linen rental services. We understand the importance of clean, fresh linens in creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for your patrons. Our professional team will manage the washing, drying, folding, and pressing of all your linens, ensuring they're always ready for use. With our flexible delivery schedules and affordable rates, you can focus on running your business while we take care of your linen needs. Experience the convenience and quality that come with Wagg's scheduled linen services, and let us help your Durham-based business shine.

Wet & Dust Mop Rental Services in Durham

Keep your floors immaculate and your workspace healthy with Wagg's efficient scheduled wet and dust mop rental services. Our comprehensive rental program ensures that you always have access to clean, fresh mops without the trouble of purchasing and laundering them yourself. We'll visit your facility on a regular schedule, replacing soiled mops with freshly sanitized ones, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained. By choosing Wagg's for your wet and dust mop needs, you can enjoy a more convenient, cost-effective solution while creating a cleaner, healthier environment for your employees and customers in Durham.

Let Wagg's Help You Make Your Durham Business Shine

Our comprehensive range of rentals and top-quality cleaning products will ensure that your business always looks its best. From mats, linen, and uniforms to a wide variety of cleaning solutions and bathroom supplies, we have everything you need to maintain a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for your employees and customers. As a family-owned company with over a century of experience, Wagg’s is dedicated to building lasting relationships and delivering exceptional service. Entrust your Durham business’s cleanliness and presentation to us, and watch it truly sparkle.

Need To Buy Other Products For Your Business?

Wagg's offers a comprehensive range of cleaning and bathroom products to ensure your business is always well-stocked and prepared for any situation. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean, safe, and inviting environment for your employees and customers. That's why we provide everything from paper products and dispensers to hygiene disposal units, detergents, and other essential cleaning items. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust Wagg's to be your go-to source for all your business's cleaning and bathroom needs, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional services to your clientele.

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Take advantage of the benefits of partnering with Wagg’s for your cleaning products, bathroom supplies, and rental services. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and top-quality products makes us the perfect choice for your needs. Reach out to our friendly team today to discuss how Wagg’s can contribute to your business’s success and provide the solutions that will keep your establishment in outstanding condition.

At Wagg’s Our Future is Green!

Together, we are committed to reducing plastic and improving our packaging since 2019 and beyond.
We will be delivering our products in reusable laundry bags. We estimate a savings of over 15,000 lbs. of plastic waste per year. Reduce plastic and save the environment!

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