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How To Keep Your Offices Clean With Rental Services

One of the most important things to keep in mind when running a business is how you keep your office clean. Cleaning up can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive when done manually, but rental services like uniforms, floor mats, wet & dust mops and linens can help. Whether you’re in hospitality or healthcare or any other industry that requires cleanliness in the workplace, rental services are an excellent way to save money and time.

Why Use Rental Services?

When working in an industry like healthcare, restaurants and hospitality, keeping your office clean is essential for many reasons, including health and safety regulations. Maintaining your office clean shows the commitment your company has to the needs of the business.


It can be difficult and time-consuming to try and keep up with the cleaning yourself, so using renting services makes life much easier. Not to mention, it’s often more affordable in the long run. Rental services such as uniforms, floor mats, wet & dust mops and linens are a great way to keep both of these things in check without worrying about keeping your office clean. Whether in a hospital or restaurant – renting adequate equipment to clean your workplace is a great way to ensure that everything stays spick and span.

Different Types Of Rental Services

Rental services vary from one company to another, depending on who you choose. Let’s examine all the services that Wagg’s has to offer and the benefits you get from using those types of services.

Scheduled Floor Mats Service

Many companies use floor mats in their office as they help protect your carpet and floors from everyday wear and ear and control the amount of dirt and moisture that is tracked into the office. When those mats aren’t cleaned regularly, they can become an overflowing dustpan and cause your office to become a mess.


By using a rental service for your floor mats, your mats will be cleaned professionally and replaced on a regular basis so your mats and floors will stay clean. When you choose Waggs, there are no upfront inventory costs, as they will supply you and your building with clean mats and create a schedule that will suit your needs.

Wet & Dust Mop Service

With a regular rental service for wet and dry mops, your office will always be mopped with a clean mop, thereby removing dust particles from foot traffic, reducing contaminants in the air, dust that settles on fixtures and merchandise, and dust that would be tracked into carpeted areas, thereby increasing carpet life-thus promoting a healthy and more attractive working environment.

Linen Scheduled Service

When you work in an industry that requires using linens, it can be a hassle to have to clean them on your own as you have to train staff on how to clean them properly and rely on them to make sure that it’s done right. With linen rental services, they are cleaned and maintained by professionals, so you can always be assured that you are using freshly cleaned linens that are in perfect condition.

Uniforms Scheduled Service

Uniforms are an important part of specific industries; they help promote your brand, help customers recognize your workers, and even help keep them safe. Using a uniform rental service provides a reliable and cost-effective solution, and your uniforms will always be clean. You also won’t have to worry about repairing them when they rip or tear as they will do the maintenance for you.


Renting cleaning services is a great way to keep your office clean without hiring or training staff. Rental services offer everything you need to keep your office clean without breaking the bank. Our team can get you what you need to get the job done when you need rental services.


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