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Auto Dish Detergent
Specially formulated for use in low and high temp automatic dishwashers; non-foaming, free..
Biozyme Drain Maintainer 4 x 4L
Wagg's Biozyme Drain Maintainer is a highly active non-acid, non-alkaline enzyme treatment that work..
Descaler (delimer) 4 x 4L
Wagg's Descaler is a liquid all purpose acid descaling solution fromulated using safe acids to allow..
Forward 20L Pail
Wagg's Forward is a high quality liquid enzyme detergent for on-premise-laundries; it is very efecti..
Low Temp Sanitizer 20L
Wagg's Sanitizer is a specially formulated formula for general sanitization, disinfecting and bleach..
Low/High Temp Rinse
Wagg's Dishwash Rinse is a specially formulated rinse additive designed for use with automatic injec..
Manual Dish Pot & Pan Detergent 4 x 4L
Wagg's Pot and Pan Detergent is a specially formulated concentrate for use as a hard water detergent..
Oven Grill Cleaner 4 x 4L
Wagg's Oven and grill Cleaner is a an easy to use liquid specially formulated for the removal of uns..
Presoak 10kg
Wagg's Presoak is a powder presoak designed for both stainless steel and silverware. It willeffectiv..
VetoBak 4x4L
Vet-Bac is designed specifically for Hospitals, food processing plants, daries, restaurants, bars et..
Bleach (12%) 20L Pail
Wagg's Bleach is a high strength bleach for on-premise-laundries; it is used on all types of fabrics..
Builder (Alkali) 20L Pail
Wagg's Builder is a high quality alkali for on-premise-laundries; it provides alkalinity and promot..
Neutralizer Sour 20L
Wagg's Neutralizer Sour is a free flowing liquid neutralizer which is used in the final rinse cycle ..
Softner 20L Pail
Wagg's Softener is a high quality softener for on-premise-laundries which is automatically injected..
Sour/Soft 20L
Wagg's Sour-Soft is a high quality combination liquid blend product that is automatically injected i..