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Compact Centre Feed Paper Towel
A quality 2 ply paper towel 260' long with 12 rolls per case used in Dispenser #983 ..
Compact Centre Feed Paper Towel Dispenser
Use compact centre pull paper towel (#978) in this Dispenser ..
TORK Executive Paper Towel Dispenser
BLACK Paper towel dispenser with it's sleek design looks great in any business. Use White Multi-fold..
Large Roll Centre Pull Paper Towel
A quality 2 ply paper towel in 600' rolls used in dispenser #984. There are 6 rolls per case. ..
Large Centre Pull Paper Towel Dispenser
Use large centre pull paper towel (#986) or Merf paper towel (#174) in this dispenser ..
Universal Paper Towel Dispenser (no touch)
A high quality no-touch dispenser; Use white Classique paper towel (#946) or Kraft D├ęcor (#909) in t..
"Linen like" AIR LAID Paper Napkin
1/8th Fold OR Flat 16 x 16 1000/case. A high quality "linen like" napkin comparable to "Privledge". ..
2 Ply Facial Tissue
A quality Facial tissue with 100 tissues/box and 30 boxes per case. ..
Household Paper Towel
A quality kitchen paper towel in 210' rolls that rivals the competitors! There are 12 rolls per case..
Junior Napkin 6 x 13 9000/case
1 ply - low cost restaurant napkin used in a dispenser ..
Paper Shop Towels Blue 2 rolls/case 515ft
A 4 ply shop towel ideal for machine shops, garages and factories used in dispenser #966..
8.5 x 11 5000 sheets
"97" Bright quality paper for the office or home. Compare our price to the Box Stores! ..