Mat Rental Service saves you the dirty work! Floor mats placed in high traffic areas protect carpets and floors from everyday wear and tear as well as controlling the amount of dirt and moisture tracked in to a building. Yet if those mats are not given a professional cleaning on a consistent schedule, they become the equivalent of an overflowing dustpan! Practically useless!

Wagg’s replaces soiled mats with professionally cleaned mats on an ongoing basis, so you do not need to worry about your floors.

Wagg’s will ensure that your mats are clean and attractive at all times. It saves you money and controls the amount of dirt and dust in your work environment.

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Wet Mops

Wagg's Ltd. supplies a wet mop service. Wet mops are made of 50% Rayon and 50% Cotton and are ideal for mopping up wet spills and keeping the tile floors clean. A wooden handle is supplied and easily clamps onto the mops.

A wet mop bucket can be rented or purchased.

There are 2 sizes of wet mops and we schedule regular services to suit your needs.

Treated Dust Mops

Our treated dust mops are ideal for keeping cement or tile floors clean of dust and dirt. Made of 100% Cotton, our dust mops are available in five sizes, 18", 24", 30", 48" and 60" wide. A breakaway frame and handle are also supplied.

You know the effects that dust build-up can have on employees, equipment and budget expenses. Dust aggravates allergies and other ailments that can translate into lower productivity and increased absenteeism. Dust adversely affects office and hi-tech equipment such as fax machines, computers, phone systems and copiers in which repairs can prove to be costly, and can reduce the efficiency of production equipment and in some cases decrease product quality.

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Regular use of a properly treated dust mop will:

  • Remove DUST PARTICLES entering a building through normal foot traffic, as well as dust and dirt created "in-house" with regular day to day operations.
  • Reduce the need for more COSTLY FLOOR CARE operations such as stripping and finishing.
  • Reduce CONTAMINANTS in the air, which may trigger allergies and illnesses.
  • REDUCE DUST that settles on fixtures, equipment and merchandise.
  • Reduce dust tracked into carpeted areas, which helps INCREASE CARPET LIFE and decrease the necessity for costly carpet cleaning.
  • Result in a cleaner, HEALTHIER more attractive working environment.

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Since 1902 Wagg’s has been known as a “Linen” company; washing, drying, folding and pressing linen has been what we are all about. Since the 1960’s we have supplied the linen so there is no capital outlay for you. Aprons, wipers, RMT sheets, bath towels, barber towels, patient gowns, microfibre cloths, shop towels etc are some of the more than 2000 products we carry. Call us today to find out how we can solve your issues with linen.

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Check out our selection of uniforms for a variety of different industries.

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