Wagg’s Imperial Laundry was founded by Newton Kirby Wagg in Midland Ontario on January 1st 1902.

In the early years the company relied on horse and buggy to collect and carry everything from tablecloths and bedding to clothes and curtains to its facility for cleaning and pressing. Many of the merchant ships and passenger vessels that docked in Midland also relied on Wagg’s for their laundry needs.

Dry cleaning was added as a new service during the Depression in the 30’s. Despite the hard economic times, Newton Wagg and his son Murray expanded the company’s operations across the region, opening new plants in Barrie, Orillia and Gravenhurst during the 40’ and 50’s.

Murray Wagg, 2nd generation, continued to lead the company’s fortunes into the 1960’s when the advent of Laundromats and modern household appliances were transforming the traditional laundry market. Wagg’s opened the first Laundromat in Canada, which was in Barrie, Ontario.

Murray’s son Bill Wagg, 3rd generation, made his own mark when he took over the family business in the 1960’s with the introduction of linen rental and mat rentals – services that Wagg’s continues to offer today. Washroom services such as soap supply were new at that time also.

Bill’s son Kirby Wagg, 4th generation, brought the company through the early 80's to late 2000's with advanced products and services. Now the company is poised for a second century of quality service to clients across Central Ontario.

Kirby's son Billy Wagg, 5th generation, has now taken the company to new levels from the late 2000's to present. Expanding across Ontario and adding numerous routes that are branching into a much larger territory that continues to compete against American multi-national companies. 

Now headquartered in a modern facility in Orillia’s Progress Park, Wagg’s LTD. continues to deliver customer service and satisfaction at the highest of levels. Wagg's is one of the very few Canadian and family owned companies in the industry to date. 



Wagg’s CEO, W. Kirby Wagg, has over 40 years experience in the Textile Rental industry. Currently working along with the 5th generation, the company is poised to continue our high levels of customer service stronger than ever.

Billy Wagg, is our President, he has over 15 years experience in the Textile Rental industry. He is responsible for Business Development, Sales Management, Strategic Planning, Plant Production and Customer Relations. Our Customer Service Reps (CSR’s) report to Billy and along with their dedication, our customers receive the best service in the industry. Striving to always be #1, the ambition and hard work ethic shows motivation in the entrepreneur.

Christine Wagg-Marwick, Bonnie Kilby and Kelly Deroy, are our Customer Service Coordinator's. They are responsible for invoicing and customer queries. Along with our CSR’s, they make sure all deliveries are on schedule and are right the first time. Maintaining exsiting and new accounts, they're always available to our customers to provide great service. 

Kirk Newhall, Glen Cook, Scott McDonnell, Dan Grant, James Tillotson, Alex Moore, Darryl McIntosh and Kurtis Woodward are the best CSR’s in the industry that provide our customers with top-notch service! Each customer will deal directly with them on their scheduled delivery frequency.  

Wagg’s has been in business over 118 years and our team carries on the tradition of great service that we have been known for. Each one of us is dedicated to providing our customers with an outstanding experience.



We carry on the Mission that our founder Newton Kirby Wagg started in 1902 and that is to be the best textile rental laundry company in terms of service, products and people; Quality products delivered by great people with fair prices.

Our Vision is to keep expanding our customer base, services and products in our area while maintaining a successful workplace for our owners and employees. This will solidify Wagg’s so it can continue in business for another 100 years. The fifth generation is now operating the company and our vision is to see the next generations carry on the tradition.